Lecco was born from our winemaker Enrique Andrades’ desire to add to Bodegas Resalte’s range, a modern and rule-breaking line of wines that favours the pursuit of freshness and primary flavours finely combined by the ageing in barrels from the most prestigious coopers:


The Lecco range consists of 3 wines all made from 100% Tempranillo:


  • Lecco Roble is the youngest and freshest wine from the collection, likewise the vineyards where it comes from.
  • In Lecco Crianza wine, wood begins to insinuate sumptuously without letting flatten or diminish the freshness of the fruit.
  • Lecco Reserva is made with the grapes originated in older vineyards and the long ageing of 18 months in oak barrels contributes to the characteristic elegance and corpulence of the wine.



The harmony that defines the line of wines is also present in its simple, innovative and balanced visual presentation, demonstrating the new trends in the sector.