Our winery is equipped with the most modern technology in the sector to work with wine, such a precious thing to us, in the most delicate and aseptic way.
We were the first winery in Spain to introduce gravity as the way to transport grapes and musts by means of an overhead travelling crane. Thus we can avoid the harm and aggressions that traditional pumping did to the grape. Temperature and humidity are also automatically controlled in all cellars, so our wines are in ideal ageing and resting conditions at all times.

During the bottling process we wash the inside of the bottle with dechlorinated, deodorized filtered water to remove any possible particle or aroma that might have remained from their manufacturing.

After this, the bottles are inerted with Nitrogen to avoid contact with Oxygen while filling. This ensures that no oxidations will alter the organoleptic characteristics of our wine. Finally, the bottles are vacuum-corked to ensure there are no overpressures in the air space between the cork and the wine that could cause problems in occasional temperature changes during transport or storage.

We follow strict hygiene protocols to clean all our tools and materials (hoses, tanks, barrels) as well as all floors.

At Resalte we use technology to deliver our customer a unique product.