Barrel ageing
In the ageing process we use barrels from the most prestigious cooperages in the world. We carefully select different barrels with different toastings according to the nature of each of our wines. We expect each type of barrel to contribute with their own trait to create a better wine, more complex and rich, while respecting the qualities of each vineyard.

We use medium-toasted French oak 500-litre barrels to mature our Vendimia Seleccionada. We let it rest here for at least 6 months.

We age our Crianza for 15 months in French (80%) and American 225-litre oak barrels, of which one third is new, a third one year old, and a third two years old.

Resalte Reserva is always aged in new oak barrels, 90% of which are French and 10% American. It rests for 18 months.

For our Gran Resalte we search for the best wood from the best forests and the most exclusive cooperages to obtain a more complex, elegant wine, while conserving its natural freshness. Gran Resalte has been aged for at least 24 months in fine grain French oak, with periodical controls and tastings.

Our barrels are carefully preserved: we maintain strict cleaning controls throughout our premises, and the barrels are periodically checked with tastings, analyzed and refilled.