Grape selection and winemaking
When the grapes are delivered, we begin the winemaking process, which is different from other wineries in the world: we use gravity technology to guarantee the best possible handling of the grapes and must. With the use of gravity we minimize the use of pumps. Grapes flow all along the process by their own weight, and they do not suffer from aggressive agitations and oxidations that may harm them. We consider this method an extension of the dedication and work we do in the vineyard, of our passion for wine, and a sign of respect for our raw material.

Upon arrival at the winery, the harvested grapes are processed immediately; they are laid on a conveyor belt where each bunch is once more checked. Then the grapes are brought up to the destemmer right above the ovi, which is the small steel tank where we transport the harvest and then the wine.

Once the berries have been destemmed, they fall into the ovi tank. The tank has an oxygen-free environment. We use dry ice (solid CO2) at -80 ° C to avoid oxidations that may harm the quality of our grapes. Upon reaching the maximum amount of 3,000 kg.,  the ovi is lifted and transported by an overhead crane to load its destination tank.    
We use gravity feed throughout the winemaking process to ensure a selective, powerful extraction, respectful of the best scents and aromas in our grapes.
We source from different vineyards, each of whose fruit is processed separately in different deposits. We constantly monitor our deposits (temperature, analysis and tastings) to know the appropriate time to overpump with our ovi.

Each deposit contains grapes from different batches, each contributing its own unique flavour components to the wine; they will be treated individually to obtain the best wine.                                                                                                                            
With this production method we try to produce wines that express the work done at the vine. Fine, complex and elegant wines.