Harvest is a crucial moment of the utmost importance. It is vital to decide on the specific day grapes show their full potential.
Our technical department monitors the evolution of the vineyards throughout the year; they control different aspects, such as phenologic stages (evolution of the physiological cycle), health of the grapevines, pluviometry,…

Veraison takes place during the second half of August: grapes turn from green to purple and the synthesis of polyphenols starts (tannins and anthocyans). At this time, the monitoring and control of the grapevines is intensified. Veraison is a very important moment technically, as ripening and harvest countdown start. It is the time to remove the excess production in younger vineyards, so that the plant can optimally ripen. It is also time to monitor older vineyards, which naturally adjust to produce the right amount of berries that will be able to ripen by themselves - hence the importance of working with vineyards of a specific age.  

Throughout the month of September, grape ripening continues, berry sampling in each batch increases, as does analysis in general. Weather information is very important, since rain and temperature will influence the evolution of the grapevines.  
As days go by, the main focus is to determine harvest day, or the moment where grapes are at their finest and can pass all their characteristics (taste, aromas, acidity, etc.) on to the wine.

The final phase of grape ripening starts between late September and early October: a period of about 15 critical days when the weather is crucial.
Our winemaker sets the harvest date based on some technical information (he can accumulate more than 10 different analysis and samples from the same plot), and a sensory tasting on site; it is here where field parameters that cannot be measured analytically in a laboratory are evaluated (taste, aromatic intensity, etc.). From his global sensations, he will know that the fruit is ready.

At Resalte we only harvest manually, in 15 kg. boxes. We only pick ripe, healthy bunches from the plants. Subsequently, before these bunches enter the winery, we make a new selection.
The time that elapses from the hand picking of the grapes till their processing into wine should be minimal, to preserve the qualities of the fresh product. Therefore we use fast transportation for batches far away from the vineyard, even refrigerated vans.