At Bodegas Resalte we believe a good wine begins in the vineyards.

Rigorous work must be carried out in each of our vineyards to foster certain traits and qualities in the plant: it is the key to creating a great wine.
Each vineyard has its own personality, which we interpret and capture until its logical end: the serene expression of the vine in the wine. The balance of our wines is the result of our loving dedication, care and craft from the vineyard to the winemaking process.

Throughout the year, our winemakers observe and control the vineyard cycle and the handling of the plants. We put special emphasis on sanitary aspects so that the plant develops all its potential in the grape.

The tasks at this stage involve patience, specialized craftmanship and manual work. Winter or dry pruning, bunch thinning, shoot thinning, crop thinning and harvesting are all fundamental practices that must be done at such time and in such a way as to obtain the result that makes the difference.

Each wine comes from very specific vineyards in the Ribera del Duero, with a common objective: quality.

Our main goal during the wine-making process and ageing is to create synergies that will stimulate the sensory characteristics of the wines.